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    We need more than ever an ontology of the present. It is because we live in a time of profound disorientation where all the landmarks of certainty are blurred, be them historical, social, political, cultural or otherwise... This present is what envelops us and involves us, what drags us into its future and, as such, what our own becoming is also made of. This means that this present must always be in question, be a subject of our reflection and an object of concern. The ontology of ourselves, our existence, is this critical, permanent and intense relation that we establish to our own present. This is a present we must learn and strive to inhabit, and not simply observe.

    It is with these premises in mind that we are organizing this international conference, around the question: What about the present epoch we are living in? What are its salient features? What could it be called and where is it leading us? Where does our interpretation of the present find its foundation? What are the triggers that set off our actions and reactions to the present?

    At this conference, we will hear 15 researchers from 12 countries sharing their studies and reflections on these topics. This conference is open to discussion and intended to stimulate the collective work of thought on this subject of vital importance. We sincerely welcome your participation.

カテゴリ: 2022

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