Course Description

1.Semiconductor Materials and Diodes:Semiconductor Materials and Properties, pn Junction, Diode Circuits, Other Diode Types. 

2. Diode Circuits:Rectifier Circuits, Zener Diode Circuits, Clipper and Clamper Circuits, Multiple-Diode Circuits, Photodiode and LED Circuits. 

3. Bipolar Junction Transistor:Basic Bipolar Junction Transistor, DC Analysis of Transistor Circuits, Basic Transistor Applications, Bipolar Transistor Biasing, Small-Signal Equivalent Circuit.


■ The ability to apply mathematics, physics, chemistry and electrical engineering.

Design and perform experiments, and analyze and interpret data.

Practice the necessary technical skills for engineering, and the ability to use modern engineering tools.

The ability to design an engineering system, component, or process.

The ability to manage projects, communicate efficiently and work in teams.

The ability to discover, analyze and solve engineering problems.